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 Clan Rules

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Clan Rules  1_reac11 Forza3 Blackops Male Posts : 80
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Clan Rules  Empty
PostSubject: Clan Rules    Clan Rules  I_icon_minitimeTue May 03, 2011 7:14 pm

1. No Spam - Spam is defined as blatant self-promotion, or sometimes
simply mindless posting. It is best phrased as "Stupid Pointless
Annoying Messages." It can also be seen as advertising for a major
website in order to get profits from said website

2. No porn. (sory guys) - Porn is strictly against forumotions 'tos' (terms of service) and will result in a ban without warning.

3. No Flaming - Flaming is defined as personal attacks or insults on
another person regarding the persons religion/views/knowledge etc.

4. No E-Mail Abuse - It is unacceptable to use the e-mail of users found
here on the forum to sign them up for junk e-mail, send them threats,
etc. If you do this, you will be banned and we will contact your ISP.

5. No Advertising Other Sites - We employ a strict "no advertising" policy,
which includes promoting your site, or that of a competitor. Obviously,
linking to sources of articles is okay - however posting links in order
to send traffic to those sites is unacceptable. Such posts will be removed and the member will be

6. Do Not Impersonate Mods/Admin - Includes acting like a Mod and/or
pretending to be a Mod –e.g. sending PM's to members saying they will be
banned or promoting new forum policy without Admin/Staff consent.

These rules will continue to be updated.
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Clan Rules
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