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 Clan Specific FAQ

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PostSubject: Clan Specific FAQ   Clan Specific FAQ I_icon_minitimeTue May 03, 2011 7:35 pm

Q: What is Gamebattles?
A:Gamebattles is a site where you sign up and create a team for any game that the site hosts. Once you have a team made (team ladder, doubles, singles) you can invite people to the team and play against other Gamebattles teams to gain XP (experience points) and level up whilst boosting your personal GB rank. You can also pay for credits which in return will let you sign up for online tournaments.

Q: Do we have a GameBattles (GB) team?
A: Not as yet. But soon we will start competitive gaming as a clan.

Q: Is LSX clan on other gaming platforms as well?
A: for the moment, LSX is focusing on the Xbox 360 and have no intention at present to add other platforms. This doesnt mean we never will. just not rite now.

Q: Do I have permission to recruit people?
A: Yes. Recruiting members is always helpfull, and you earn points for recruiting a certain amount of people.

Q: What are points and how do I get them?
A:Points can be earned by posting, length of membership and participating in Gamebattles.

Q: My signature is not appearing. Why?
A: There is an option in your Profile - Preference section that will ask whether or not you want to enable signatures. Tick in "yes".

Q: What is an initiation period?
A:An Initiation Period is a week initiation process where during that time the clans current initiation officers (IO's) will monitor your activity and maturity on the forums as well as in game. They will also get some games in with you during the week to asses your gaming ability. You will need to stay active by posting (no spam.) and talking in the chatbox.

Q: What is our clan tag?
A: LSX though a lot of our original members gamertags are LSX xxNAMExx (this is not a requirement)

Q: What is the clan's timezone and what is the hour difference from mine to clan?
A: Official Clan Time is Gmt (bst). If you do not know your time zone look at the clock on your computer's desktop, then look at the clock on the forum main page. Subtract the time difference and add that result to the event time to figure out what time it will be where you live when the event starts.
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Clan Specific FAQ
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